James Patrick - Visual Interaction Designer at Electronic Arts.

Experienced designing 10-foot experiences. I enjoy wearing multiple hats designing for multiple mediums.

After hours you can find me exploring the 3D space, modeling, rendering, animating, bringing ideas to life.

Chloe and I at the park.

What I do.

Visual & Interaction design
Html, CSS and Sass
Design Systems
Conceptual design

What Else.

3D modeling and Rendering

I really enjoy creating things in 3D space using C4d, Fusion360 and Redshift and Octane render.

Front End Dev

Before and after final visual design comes prototyping and building components to perfection. Designers should code.


Branding, rebranding and being on brand has been a big part of my work experience since the start of time.


Contact me at anytime: akajpg@me.com